Integrating and applying CGM technology for improved primary care management of type 2 diabetes

Diabetes technology, such as continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), can significantly enhance the lives and health of those with diabetes when used in conjunction with education and continuous support. However, the dynamic and complex nature of the diabetes technology landscape can also create obstacles when it comes to implementing and integrating these advancements for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Dive into our two dynamic, expert-led medical education programs. These interactive platforms feature engaging infographics, case-based examinations, bite-sized videos, and captivating patient interviews.

Designed for US-based primary care physicians (PCPs), these programs not only equip you with the latest knowledge on CGM technology but also provide a relevant context for its application.

Program Highlights:

  • Experience hands-on learning of patient management and hone your clinical decision-making skills.
  • Learn from top experts as they discuss the latest information on CGM technology.

Join us in this journey towards better diabetes management.

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Watch the following videos where our diabetes experts discuss the activities and goals of these CME programs.

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